Frequently Asked Questions

We pack your fragile items in shock absorption bubble sheets and pack them carefully in cartons to avoid breaking your home decorations.

If you can do some of the packing yourself, why pay more? That’s why we offer you partial packing services in which we large home items and you can pack small items.

We recommend you book your appointment at least a week before the moving date.

We have a huge team who don’t take too much time packing and loading your stuff onto the truck.

Our disassemblers will divide the large furniture into small pieces, and then we can easily move and reassemble it for your new place.

Depending on what the issue could be, this will vary. Although a mover is not required to pay the consumer, they will often do so if they are at fault.

We accept both cash and credit payments, so don’t worry if you don’t have cash.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the moving and loading field, so we always provide a near-to-actual cost estimate.

Whether you want to stay at the place at the time of packing or not, it’s your own choice. So, we don’t have any problem.

It simple! Just call Most Valuable Moving or fill out the form, so you’ll receive a call from our side to provide you with a free work estimate.

At Most Valuable Moving, we never move combustible gases, petroleum items, and harmful chemicals.

It depends upon the case and situation, but we always prioritize our customers and provide the utmost flexibility we can offer.